🍓🌹Strawberry Roses and an Ice Cream Garden🥝🍦

Hello fellow learning enthusiasts! I am finally getting around to those strawberry roses I have been wanting to create. I found a great video tutorial on a blog site called California Strawberries pick real that explained the process step by step. (even the name sounds yummy) My go to sites are Instructables and All Recipes, but I am looking to expand my favorites list. I appreciate when the resources I find have both a video and written method, as the one I used for this project. I like to watch the video first and then follow the written instructions with the images from the video in mind. I was amazed at how simple the process of carving the strawberries was and how well they turned out!

I was excited to take this weeks creation to the Quilly Willy Early Learning Center to say thank you for all they do! The roses were the perfect gift for the 6 staff. However, I could not forget about the reason we have the center, the kiddos. I browsed images on the internet and came up with some ideas. I was going to rely on past learning experiences as well as signed up for a free online tutorial from Nita Grill to make scalloped flowers from radishes. The description explained that the technique could be used with fruit as well. I was pleased to find a follow-up lesson extended for free using watermelon. The 14 lesson course can be purchased for $125.00. The tutorial did not end up working for the kiwi I had chosen to use this week, but I am still happy I took the time to learn the new skill. My chosen goal for the little people at the centre was an ice cream cone flower garden.

Inspirational screen shots
I am a messy creator
Final fruit creations!

I had so much fun making these whimsical creations this week! The smile of amazement on the staff and kiddies faces was worth every minute of the effort🥰

To end this weeks learning I challenged my tech skills and created a movie trailer to give you a preview to my final post! Hope you enjoy 📽

Trial and Error: You may have seen in the video the jar with the green liquid. My niece, nephew and I tried to make rock candy sticks to add to the flower garden. Unfortunately, the sugar all fell to the bottom of the jar and no crystals formed on the stick. I conducted some research and found that we may not have let the sugar stick dry long enough before we inserted them into the syrup, or we did not let the syrup cool long enough….we have yet to retry the process!

6 thoughts on “🍓🌹Strawberry Roses and an Ice Cream Garden🥝🍦

  1. Hi Shelly,
    No wonder the daycare kids and staff loved your edible arrangements, they were beautiful! I especially love the look of the strawberry roses. Your video also turned out great, loved the theme you chose! And I hope that the rock candy turns out the next time around.


  2. Hi Shelly,
    I love that you took your creations to an Early Learning Centre, I’m sure they enjoyed it! Also, your movie trailer is great – so creative!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how creative this is! The strawberries turned out really nice! Also I’ve always wanted to try rock candy, but sugar is a tricky substance! Maybe try changing the ratio of water to sugar and/or the temperature of the mixture? Hope it works for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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