🌼Flowery Fruit Frenzy

I will admit I have not taken much time since children to explore what it is that I enjoy doing! I have willingly put my hobbies to the side to become chauffeur, sports fan, hunting companion, fishing buddy, head chef, school tutor, coach/volunteer and everything else that goes with being an involved and active Mom. Don’t get me wrong, I would not change those moments for anything, but I lost of bit of who I am as an individual along the way. As I said in my previous post, I once had a love for party planning and turning sugary treats into themed edible décor. After completing my first arrangement, I once again felt that satisfaction of turning food into an edible work of art.

Prior to diving in to my newest potential hobby quest, I researched what I was going to need for supplies. I had already decided my Mom was going to be the lucky recipient of my first creation. (strategically chosen as she would love it whether it was a total disaster or not, plus it was Mother’s Day) The next step was taking the directions I had found and put them into action. There were only 5 simple steps to make a fruit bouquet. Four in my case, as I had already decided to pass on the art of chocolatiering for another time and focus on shaping and arranging the fruit.

I was more excited about cutting fruit into shapes than what is probably normal (but what really is normal right?). My partner laughed as I pretty much squealed in delight when I cut my first flower shape successfully. I learned that although it was not what I would describe as difficult, there was more to factor than I expected. Lessons learned: only cut the fruit as thick as your cutters, thinly sliced fruit does not stay on a stick, raspberries and blackberries fall apart easily, metal cutters would most likely make a cleaner cut, it is not as easy to “skewer” a fully loaded stick of fragile fruit into a hard pineapple top, presentation is essential, and on a personal level, my need for symmetry gets in the way of artistic expression. My partner literally had to remove me from the arrangement and reassure me it looked amazing before my continuous meddling ruined what I had just spent an hour and a half creating.

The Process

Important Takeaways: I love making the fruit bouquets, my Mom was absolutely delighted with her Mother’s Day gift, my boys, family, and friends were amazed with the end result, I had someone ask if I was going to start selling them after I posted on Facebook, leftover fruit peices make an amazing fruit salad, and most importantly this new hobby/skill gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment which sparks an excitement to create more…….next up…..chocolate dipped strawberries for a couple special essential workers 🙂 Stay Tuned.

First edible arrangement

11 thoughts on “🌼Flowery Fruit Frenzy

  1. Hey,
    This is so adorable. I love this idea. Edible arrangements can be such a cute gift to give to someone, so I think it’s a great idea to use as you’re learning project.

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  2. I love your choice of Edible arrangements for your learning project! You already look like you have learnt so much from your first fruit bouquet. I love that you are delivering your end products to people such as your mom and essential workers, I feel that they will really appreciate it especially in the world today.

    I think your end product looks wonderful! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your edible arrangements turn out!



  3. Hey Shelly,
    I love this idea so much!! Not only is this such a fun way of creative expression, it looks equally as delicious! Your bouquet for your mom looks totally impressive and was such a good idea for a gift because, everyone loves fruit! I cant wait to see the next creations that you come up with. These delicious looking pictures of fruit are definitely making me feel like I need to go make a fruit salad myself now. Great idea!!

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  4. Hey Shelly, your first attempt turned out so beautiful! Homemade gifts are always just an extra amount of special, and your mom is beaming. I can’t imagine the amount of patients it takes to cut out every price of fruit. Glad to see that this is bringing you so much joy already, keep it up!


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